General Terms

1. The provided solutions and services is property of MBS & are subjected to the usage of purchaser only, any type of distribution & or usage other than purchaser will be subjected to confiscation.
2. The provided services and solutions are intangible so does not liable to have any type warranty/guarantee.
3. Taxes as per government policies, applicable at the time of delivery.
4. MBS reserves the right to change T&C, with prior notice to purchaser.
5. No Refund Policy.
6. Subject to Pune Jurisdiction.

Payment Terms

1. For each single service & solution: – 100 % Advance
2. For complete start up consultation package : –
a. 50% Advance
b. 30% at the time of getting funds to the client or within 30 days from agreement date.
c. 20% on the day of completion or inauguration (Whichever is earlier).
3. Service Tax – Extra

Delivery Terms

1. Market Research & Opportunity Analysis Report – Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 6 working days.
2. Business Feasibility / Comparative Study Reports Soft Copy – Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 6 working days.
3. Project Report – Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 15 working days
4. Company Registration & Assistance – 1 working month.
5. Initial Building / Shed/ Project Layout (Only For Clients)- Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 6 working days. The basic layout of the project will be provided. The detailed layout and needed construction will be responsibility of client and builder/architect.
6. Assisted Machinery Buying Program means helping client to buy machineries. The necessary designing, fabrication, processing, installation and commissioning part will be responsibility of client and machinery provider.
7. Website – 1 working month
8. Logo samples, Letter Head samples, Visiting Card Samples (Only For Clients)- Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 10 working days
9. SEO – 3 Trading Sites Profile Creation (Only For Clients)- Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 6 working days.
10. SMO – 3 Social Media Sites Profile Creations (Only For Clients)- Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 6 working days.
11. Sales & Marketing Plan – Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 10 working days
12. Legal / tax/ certifications – Applications will be prepared & analyzed by MBS / its associate. And the certificate or license will be issued by the governing authority by email or post.
13. Standard Document Set – Soft copy (PPT/PDF) through email – 5 working days
14. All other services mentioned shall be completed by face to face meetings or by physically purchsing stuffs like machineries and animals, or by tutoring business management / sales and marketing.

Visit Terms

1. All rates are excluding actual expenses like travelling, Food accommodation etc. This will be charged extra or has to mange by clients.
2. If the travelling time is more than 12 hrs then it will considered as Working Day & 3,000 INR will charged at client’s account.(Per Expert)
3. All the rates are subject to specified time limit of days, if days get extended then 3,000 INR will charge for that day. (Per Expert)


Any change or modification in prescribed offer & solutions, will directly affect the commercials of given project and will be charged at client’s account.