If you are planning to start new business, then first choose the business idea, prepare project report, get funds, follow business plan prepared. It is quiet difficult to sum up process in few words because it varies from business to business. For more details please read our blog on “HOW TO START BUSINESS” or contact our expert.

We are business planning experts, we help and consult start and grow your business. We provide complete package for starting up your dream business and also provide management consultancy to grow your business.
We provide technical, management and financial consultation. For more details please download our Corporate Broucher and Presentation from website or contact our expert.

We serve to the most of the industries like food, beverage, agriculture, e commerce, internet based, IT, healthcare, chemical, FMCG, Textile, Telecommunication. We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals any industry or technology quickly.

We undertake consulting project for India and we are global for plans & reports.

These days more and more companies are relying on consultants to run their business. There are lots of reasons for this, the biggest being that it allows them to get people with the skills that they need without having to hire a full time employee.

A business consultant can also help out your company by providing an objective opinion on how your business is being run. With all the reasons to hire a business consultant for your company it is likely that more and more businesses will start to rely on them.

The main reason that you are going to want to hire a business consultant is to bring skills that your company otherwise wouldn’t have. In order to run a business there are a lot of skills that you need to have and many companies are lacking in certain areas. When large companies need somebody with a particular skill they just go and hire them. This usually isn’t an option for small businesses who can’t really afford to hire the many different people. A consultant is a way to get access to the skills and knowledge that you need to run your business without having to actually go and hire a full time employee.

The other big reason that you are going to want to hire a business consultant is that they can bring a different perspective to your company. Most companies tend to have their own culture and their own way of doing things. This tends to lead to a situation where they keep doing things because it is how they have always done it rather than because it is the best way to do something. Many times it takes an outside observer to be able to recognize when things aren’t being run as efficiently as they could be. This is especially the case for small businesses that are run by their founders. It can be easy to think that your way of doing things is the best when it may in fact not be. A business consultant is often good ways of making sure that you are doing things correctly.

Many times small business owners may get the sense that things aren’t going as smoothly as they should be – which often means they’re in need of quick cash. Usually there are signs, like manufacturing is costing more than it should, or sales are declining. Sometimes there are no obvious signs but you have the sense that something is wrong. Either way, if you get feeling that something isn’t quite right it could be a good time to bring in a business consultant. A lot of times it takes an outsider to see a problem.

The owner of the business is often too close to the situation to be objective about it and that makes it hard to identify the problem or the solution. A business consultant can come in and give you an objective second opinion and can help to solve your company’s problems.

Most of our client has hired us to start their business; some of them hired us to grow their business and some of hired us because they know our work and wanted to explore more business opportunities.

So if you are planning for new business / expansion / want strategic growth then it will make sense to hire us.

First, you should understand the need or question or problem you want to solve. Then, most importantly, find the right consultant. Ask business colleagues who have used consultants about their experience. Look carefully at several appropriate consultants and review their credentials, reputation and experience then ask the few consultants who are best qualified and how they would proceed.

Yes. We have started MBSPL with the detailed research and vision to consult start-ups. And our business policy has enabled us to deliver services at most affordable price. For instance, the turnkey project consultation charges in the market are at least / more than 5% and at MBSPL you will be paying less than 3% of the project cost.

Please ask for formal quotation. The illustration provided here is just for the sake of understanding.

A productive consultant should not be expensive to your business overall. The cost of engaging a consultant is relative to the benefits derived from it and a good consultant will be able to add value to your business.

We firmly believe that money invested in our type of business advice is a true investment, which will pay for itself many times over.

First of all, we are the India’s first to provide to simple, easy, step by step, complete, innovative and strategic “START-UP KIT”. We have designed this kit after detailed research on need of the start-up. Our services, plans and reports are highly qualitative, useful and detailed yet customized. We strongly believe that innovation makes your business more useful and sustainable and thus we always keep our focus to make innovative and useful products, services, business operations for your customer. Having said that we have made simple and easy consulting process by making one point contact for all your need

We are different in many ways like – Customized & Designed services, Affordable Pricing, Determinant team of experts and many more.

Yes, but for such special timings, you need to notify us prior day or two. We can meet up in person early mornings, late evenings, weekends, Sundays and if available then on festive holidays as well.

Yes, for the initial discussion to check the feasibility working towards both the sides is fine.

I encourage you to meet, to get a feel for the quality of experience and advice. This is one reason I offer the free one-hour coffee chat.

The second reason is personal. I want to get a feel myself for who you are as a business owner and how committed you are to act on advice and follow to overcome the challenge you face. As you can see both of us will benefit from this coffee meeting. And it’s FREE! Contact us to schedule your meeting now.

We have designed a “START-UP KIT” to give you all the needed services under one roof and you need not to visit number of people. JUST WE & YOU – That’s it.

Every situation is unique. However, some fairly common steps include the following:

Actually process starts from you.

You contact us and then we take care of your project.

The first step is initial consulting discussion to understand your project details and it’s FREE.

Upon understanding we will offer you some basic product (List of business ideas, MROAR, BFSR & BM) to make finalize project.

Upon taking business decision, we provide services for business plan / project report along with company registration service. Meanwhile we check and do analysis for your location / land and provide you project design.

We also help you in applying process of fund raising from bank, VC’s and investor.

Upon getting funds, we ask you build the facility for project with the local industrial builder and architect.

Meanwhile we search for machinery and other resource provider, we select them with your help then we do machinery analysis, selection, and negotiation with supplier on behalf of you.

Meanwhile till construction gets completed, we work on your designing part, legal part.

After completion of construction, we supervise the installation process to make it better.

After installation, we give a strategic business coaching session to all people related to project and then you get started for your business.

We doesn’t stop working here, we also come to celebrate inauguration of your business with the proposal to make our business relationship stronger by offering you AMC.

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For a regular start-up work engagement, consisting of a planning to make it live – 6-8 Months (Manufacturing) and 4 Months (Service) See the illustration below. The actual time can be influenced by the decision making time, fund raising time, supplier/vendors lead time, legal work time, infrastructural built up time and our current workload.

Yes – For some special cases / projects.
But usually not – because we work on multiple projects at a time and rush projects can strain our schedules or can create inconvenience other clients.
But then we charge you “rush fees” to complete your work faster. (Our team will work on your projects at nights, on holidays or weekends to complete your work without disturbing other client’s schedule)

We do not have fixed pricing chart. Generally we adopt cost plus pricing strategy.

We calculate resource cost for your consulting work assignments then we add some fixed percentage of profit and you get your customized pricing. For turn key projects we work on percentage basis.

We believe we are, because: we know what our existing clients think about us.

First reason is – We are well aware that there are many business consultants offering their services for low prices than us. But the services you get from us are customized, workable and meticulous.

Secondly, if you are spending money to hire us means you are getting expert service and you as an expert can use this time to concentrate on your core work. Let the each expert use their time for most productive work.

And third reason is Professionalism. This adds value to your business.
There are so many reasons to tell you, just contact us and get to know our worth.

Your initial payment is non-refundable. This is because by the time you have decided to hire us, we have already set aside time to work with you, and we may even have turned away other opportunities in order to provide you with the best possible experience. Subsequent payments are subject work completion.

We remain available, at no extra charge, to answer questions, provide basic advice, and to make minor changes to the documents we produced for you.
Another option, we can get into AMC and we will available to you for consulting work.

We are headquartered in Pune, India and have done projects in West India, Central India and South India. We believe that if we can work in west / south and we can also work in east and north. We rely heavily on the phone, e-mail, and online meeting tools, and have generally met the clients 5 times in person.

Most of the process like delivery of different plans and reports, Legal things, designing work gets completed virtually. For first discussion, land selection, machinery selection, installation supervising, and inauguration we need to meet in person that we can manage to visit you 5 times within the timeframe of 6 months.

No, Not at all. No one in the world can give you prior guarantee and if some makes then it is the time to escape from. Detailed plan is essential but only plan will not enable fund raising. You also need to prepare enough.

We have no control over how well you present yourselves to investors / banks, or how well you answer their questions.

We will help you to connect some potential investor, VCs or banks. We will make you presentable and equipped to meet the requirements of fund provider.

If you are planning for new business / planning for expansion, then it’s probably safe to say yes.

You already know the obvious reasons, but there are so many other good reasons to have a business plan that many nascent entrepreneur don’t know about. So, just for a change, let’s take a look at the less obvious reasons.

Many extant entrepreneurs wrongly assume that having a business plan is only necessary when they are seeking funds. In fact, many legal services, financial advisors and even business consultants would want to see your business plan.

A business plan should have to be considered as a living document, meaning there is no traditional final draft. As your business needs change and grow, your business plan needs to be updated.

You’ve decided to start your own business. You probably have a very clear idea (at least in your mind) of the type of business you will start. And, although your enthusiasm shows whenever you excitedly explain the concept to anyone who will listen, getting it into reality won’t happen solely based on your passion or enthusiasm. One of the very first steps any entrepreneur must take is translating an idea to paper in the form of a business plan. Preparing a business plan can be a long, time-consuming process, but it is vital to start a business.

Starting a business is a major decision that requires careful planning, including developing operational and growth strategies. This is true whether doing large or small business; every company should start with a clear vision and road map for fulfilling that vision. It is also true the business plan is used to raise money. Even if no outside funding is needed, there must be a plan for long-term financial stability.

The business plan usually projects three – five years into the future, forcing the entrepreneur to think through the goals for each year and how they will be met. This process also leads to the development of risk minimization strategies, an import requirement for long term business success.

Business planning may be arduous, but skipping this step can leave you uninformed about your firm’s place in the market. The type of information gathered during the planning process can help you foresee potential risks and develop strategies for dealing with them before they occur. Many owners return to their business plan even after their firm is up and running to help them refocus and chart a path for the future.

Putting effort into crafting a precise, professional, and informative business plan in your early start-up is essential to build a strong foundation for your company’s success. Keeping it up-to-date with current financial information, strategies and analysis, is crucial to keeping everyone on point as your business evolves.

Other important reasons for writing a business plan include the following:

What would be initial cost to get start?

Gives you reality check on profitability with required time.

Determines target market & ways to reach.

Gives you deep and clear market insights.

Determines the competition, loopholes and untapped market potential.

Encourages in-depth research and well-developed presentation of information that banks or investors require.

Starts business with careful operational and budgetary planning.

Encourages professional approach to business planning and presentation.

Builds the methodical approach to business start-up.

Helps the business owner with the bird view of business idea and business project objectively and with critical eye.

Most importantly, they work.
When you think of any business, you need a plan to execute your concept and it is big challenge to make a precise plan which will convince all the stakeholders. It is always a good idea to draft a blue print. At MBSPL, we have the expertise in business planning and preparation of business report.

We provide “Complete, Customized and Detailed Bankable Business Plan cum Project Report. The Plan would be completely Customized, Comprehensive, Innovative, and Bankable and affordable that reflects you, your idea and your future.

We don’t use ready to go templates to design your business plan because we understand that every business and its market differs from its nature, mode of operations, investments, demographics and certainly all micro & macro affecting business factors.

Our each and every plan is meticulously crafted, analysed & validated by the professional experts of business planning and it, therefore takes nearly 10 working days for preparation of the project report. The plan would serve purpose of fund raising and will be guideline doc for rest of the years as well.

Detailed Financial Projections & Calculations – 3 Yrs/5Yrs.
Systematic Sales & Marketing Plan.
Registration and Legal information related to project set up.
Strategic Portfolio.
Trusted Business Contact details – for each major needs (Like – for machinery, legal, employee, web etc).
And much more..

The basic aim is to explain the project to the bank and convince them. For this you need “BUSINESS MODEL”

Upon positive response from bank – Get business plan / project report and do company registration.

Apply in the bank as per their SOP and attach the project & company document.

Yes, the coaching programme is exclusive and designed for “ONLY CLIENTS”

We not take regular coaching programme for general people. But, if you desire to have it then we will coach you and make sure that you should have team of at least 3 people.

Yes. We prefer to use a Mutual NDA so that our own trade secrets can be protected as well.

Meticulous means – showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise; taking or showing extreme care about minute details.
The name Meticulous has suggested by one of our dear friend and founding member.

The reason choosing this name is one of the “VISION” – Why we are into business? We keep the vision of nurturing start-up ecosystem by providing real, workable, customized and METICULOUS consulting services.

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