Less Known – Untapped Business Idea – Baked Egg Chips (Low Carb Snack)

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Rapid changes in Indian lifestyles, economic development and cultural exchanges have accelerated changes in societies. Among these changes, the observed shift in people′s food consumption from a traditional diet to a westernised diet. Everyone want snacks which would be easily available, healthy, economical and easy to serve.

Snacks industry is driven by taste, availability, healthiness and consumers desire to buy. These all factors influences the sales of snacks products. Average chips consumption per capita is higher as compared to other snacks products. Up till now, chips market is known only of potato chips, banana chips, corn chips etc. but the new chips variant is entering in the market which is backed egg chips.

Now a day, we are very concern about food’s taste and health too. If we talk about the egg industry, besides known as a protein rich food eggs can also be used to make chips. Baked Egg chips can fulfil the requirement of healthy & tasty snack with great nutritious values. Consumer want snack which would not contain too much fat and cholesterol. Demand will be further increased in coming period as an egg is the cheapest source of protein for the masses and its consumption has become common. The low carb snacks like egg coated potato, egg, and cheese product, egg flakes, and egg white chips are already available in the market. And demand for these products is increasing day by day. So the demand for egg chips will also increase after the introduction of it to the Indian market.


As in Indian market, there is a huge demand for healthier food products/snacks but only a few manufacturers are there in the market who provides low carb snacks that actually taste good. And Baked Egg Chips are actually healthy, tasty and some innovation in the production process can lower the cost than the existing snacks. Baked Egg chips are the ready-to-eat type of snack food, which contains low carb and fats. These types of foods are already available in many countries in various form. But baked egg chips are new to the Indian market. The availability of this product will make some ease in the lifestyle of Indian customers. If the Indian market will get Baked Egg chips which do not contain higher carbohydrate’s and fats and will get the value of an egg, then those chips could fulfil the requirement of healthy and tasty food. The main consumers of chips and wafers are the families and children of urban and rural areas. Egg chips could get the position of most potential, profitable and demanding products.

Egg Chips are available in the form of,

  • Salted Potato Egg Chips-Crispy and not too oily.
  • Egg white chips- Egg white based crisps that are high in protein, low in fat and low in sugar and carbs too.

Very few snacks are available in the market which has controlled carbohydrates and cholesterol percentage & and which are actually healthy. Backed egg chips fulfil all these criteria’s and will face the large demand for healthier snacks products.

This is an opportunity for new entrepreneurs who are willing to start a new business in the food industry.

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